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A Call for Pink

I have never considered myself to be a “pink” girl. You know what I mean. The girls who aspire to drive around in bright pink Porsches like Elle Woods, not to say that I think there is anything wrong with that. From birth, girls are bombarded with baby to pepto-bismol pink. Products made for girls are automatically done in — pink! At such a young age, it seemed to me that pink was assigned to me, which of course meant that I wasn’t much of a fan, and it was just so extremely feminine. I just didn’t see the color as representative of me, or any part of my style.

This year I began to see pinks coming into favor on the runway, and with celebrities, Rhianna in particular. Somehow she is able to turn even a frothy salmon ball gown into an edgy statement. Even pastels began to appeal to me.

However, I didn’t realize until today, sitting outside of Union Station in Chicago, that the meaning of pink has changed entirely, which is probably the reason for my change in heart. I first saw a woman in a fuchsia shift dress, then another following her in a draped coral cardigan, who was then followed by a man wearing a tea rose button down. I think that this really proves that pink has really lost its overtly feminine origins, and has instead represents confidence and boldness. While it will always have its feminine background, its modern interpretation has grown up, and is very edgy and modern.


Image via


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So I have decided to drop my past judgements towards the color, and instead challenged myself to embrace it by adding it to my own wardrobe. Since pink can easily be a reminder of its juvenile references, it is important to always keep it sophisticated, edgy, and clean to prevent it from becoming saccharine.

There are a few ways to pull of the look. A monochrome outfit always screams “put together,” but if matchy-matchy isn’t your thing, black, navy, emerald, and ruby are also great pairs with pink. My preference is to go with a more structured fabric, like a scuba or thick knit. Picking pieces that are pretty minimal is your best bet, as its the easiest way to make them appear expensive. Accessorize with luxurious pieces like leather handbags or gold jewelry. A dark lip or bold cat eye won’t hurt either.

Check out my under $30 pink picks below:


LUCLUC, $25.99


ASOS, $25.99


ASOS, $29.00


ASOS, $25.37

pink9ASOS, $16.31


Forever21, $18.00


Forever21, $14.94


Forever21, $27.90
pink13Forever21, $24.90


Boohoo, $30.00


Boohoo, $20.00pink14

Boohoo, $20.00

Happy Shopping!

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