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The City Flea

If you’re from Cincinnati you know that Over The Rhine is being revamped into a cool and hip hang out spot for the young and old alike. Something that I’m really excited to visit there next weekend (July 25th) is the City Flea.

The City Flea is pretty much what it sounds like: a flea market with a bunch of local vendors. It’s a cool way to get cheap finds and purchase things from local artists and designers that you may not have previously known about. Plus, it’s located in the beautiful Washington Park, right across the street from Music Hall, and there’s a nice parking garage right underneath. I went to the City Flea in June and unfortunately it was raining, but I still saw an impressive variety of vendors. There were vendors that sold baby clothes, nut butters, thrift shop clothing, jewelry, and lots of Cincinnati-themed art pieces for your home or apartment (or even dorm). A lot of the times you can get some great bargains on things you buy at City Flea.

About a year ago my friend bought this pretty jewelry box, that I’m in love with, for under ten dollars.


I was interested in purchasing some jewelry so I checked out the vendors and decided on buying this simple, yet pretty ring from a local jewelry designer.


This ring is a good quality and won’t turn your finger green! So, unfortunately this find itself was not a bargain (which is also the case a lot of the time when buying local artist’s work). But, once again, I really like that this ring is a good quality so I found the twenty dollars I spent worth it.

I’m excited to check out the City Flea on the 25th and see what great things I can find! Definitely stop by if you want to explore more of Cincinnati and it’s local attractions.

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