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Style Star: Meet Marah

dscn2222Marah Renee Parnell, 21 California, Assistant Buyer    

My style involves beanies for when I don’t want to do my hair (which is like everyday), ripped jeans, graphic tees, flannels, and boots. I wear things that are comfortable and that make me feel confident, isn’t that the whole point of fashion?

The last thing I bought was a dress from Nordstrom for $68 for my college graduation a couple of weeks ago.

dscn2295 DSCN2259

My dream job is to become a buyer, but lately I’ve been thinking of getting into the whole social media movement. It’d be nice to have a job where I could travel, try on lots of clothes, and do what I love the most: constantly be on social media apps and websites all day, everyday.

In my spare time I love to shop, of course! Ok really, I actually love walking around and taking pictures of anything and everything. Not just fashion, but food, art, landscape, anything that catches my eye. I’ve recently also gotten into bike riding, which has actually been a great stress reliever.

My style inspirations are Sammi aka The Beauty Crush (Youtuber), Ashley Benson, & Alexa Losey (Youtuber). My favorite designer is Alexander Wang.


Something about myself most people don’t know is that just because I wear makeup doesn’t mean that I’m not still kinda a tomboy. I’ve played soccer most of my life and I only really got into makeup, fashion, and all that jazz when I was 15, but that hasn’t changed my ways of being competitive in every sport I play and still appreciating a good pair of sneakers.

My fashion mantra is be who you wanna be, do what you wanna do, and wear what you wanna wear.

Just remember those who make you feel uncomfortable about what you wear or how you look are just mad they weren’t brave enough to do the same.

Check out Marah’s blog at
Instagram: themediarebel
Twitter: themediarebel


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