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Maison Kitsuné Launches a Gender Neutral Collection

As a culture, we’re becoming more progressive and forward thinking. The idea that girls play with barbies in their pink and purple rooms and boys play with monster trucks in a room full of greens and blues is being thrown out the window. We’ve become less concerned with putting people in boxes, and gender norms, and more for just being who you are. Whenever there’s a shift in societal thinking, fashion changes too. Today, gender neutral fashion, or fashion that isn’t typically “feminine” nor “masculine” has become a recent trend in the industry. This new movement is being explored by various designers such as Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Commes des Garçons, and recently, french label, Maison Kitsuné.

“Maison Kitsuné’s Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection pays tribute to the mysterious soul and beauty of South Korea. Known as the ‘land of the morning calm,’ Maison Kitsuné touches upon elements of South Korea’s pop culture, incorporating unique designs colors, and patterns into its aesthetic.”

“Photographed by Pierpaolo Ferrari, the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 campaign reveals an urban-chic vignette of the Maison Kitsuné man and woman. Styled in rich knits, warm textures and classic denim, the couple’s understated androgyny blurs the line between masculine and feminine. Instead, they simply are a reflection of one another, their romance and optimism shines through.”

PierPaoloFerrari_02 PierPaoloFerrari_03

“The collection showcases a series of sophisticated cuts and details, including luxurious, refined and textured fabrics that are boldly combined and play with the season’s houndstooth, stripes, and checkered patterns. A palette of dark neutrals – black, grey and an array of blues – are offset by pale shades of beige and illuminated with dashes of red and silver.”

“Like the Taegeuk, the central element of the South Korean flag, and the Chinese Yin and Yang, the women’s and men’s collections were designed to mimic yet complement each other, merging them into one entity while maintaining a perfect balance of feminine and masculine details.”


Quotes were taken from the press release 

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