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When In Portland

Thrifting has always been confusing to me. I never understood the appeal. Where I grew up the nearest thrift store was the local Goodwill. Great prices, of course, but nothing there was particularly appealing. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that the real thrifting finds are a lot about location of the store. Thrift shops located closer to cities and larger populations of trendy young people are typically where you can find the best steals (in my experience.)

Recently I took a trip out to Portland, Oregon, where there is a plethora of young, trendy people. My entire tainted vision of thrift shops being filled with old sports team t-shirts, jeans you wore in middle school, and stained work shirts was totally shattered. Visiting thrift shops in Portland made me want to start thrifting. I didn’t know why these people didn’t want these awesome clothes anymore, I didn’t care, because now I wanted them.

After visiting a few shops I decided on a long-sleeved, black t-shirt dress by Stolen Girlfriends Club. It has a cool, edgy, graphic style print (which I’ve also discovered is glow-in-the-dark) on it. I like to pair this dress with some simple tight- fitting leggings. It was twenty-four dollars, which still made me hesitant on purchasing, but I liked this dress and thought it was funny so I decided to purchase it. I had no previous knowledge on the brand Stolen Girlfriends Club, so after my day out I decided to look it up. All of their simple dresses fall anywhere between a price range of one to four hundred dollars. This was definitely a steal.


My second thrifting purchase was a pair of shoes, which looked completely unworn and probably were. They have a camo-like pattern and are a collaboration of Nike and Poler, though take on the style of Vans. I’ve always liked that style of shoe, and there they were, only twenty dollars. Another steal if we’re considering typical Nike prices. I think they may possibly be men’s shoes, but for twenty dollars, I really don’t care.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.15.33 PM

Overall I thought thrifting in Portland was really cool and exciting, I’m looking forward to checking out some cool local places in Cincinnati. But honestly, if you’re vacationing in any cool cities or just live near by, give thrift stores a shot before checking out the big expensive chain stores. I’m glad I did.

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