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Style Star: Meet Diamond

DSC_1986Diamond Bradley, 26 Brooklyn, NY Writer/Apple Specialist 

My style is cool and comfortable. The Juxtaposed Gentleman. I’m from Brooklyn, from the hood, so I grew up in Timberland boots and baggy jeans, caps, and still incorporate that into my mature self today, just with a more tailored, contoured twist to it. When it’s time to pull out the blazer, or if I feel like sprezzing up a little bit, I’ll go there. It’s a very balanced style now. The one outfit I couldn’t live without? Shucks, my Reebok Classics, no show socks, a pair of light wash jeans, a white shirt (be it button-down, tee or long-sleeved crewneck), my brass Timex “Easy Reader,” a bracelet on my left hand (cowrie shells are on display right now), my circle sunglasses and any of my fedoras. My fashion inspiration is my dad without question. DiamondSuitedGetting paid to live my life is my dream job. I try to stay within a comfortable space even with the job that I have now so it doesn’t feel like “work.”  Most jobs, especially for Blacks, have no choice but to feel like a plantation.  We’ve been there and done that already; so whatever is closest to the skills I have naturally, like communicating with people, makes me feel good.  And I don’t believe in styling people more than I believe in building their mind to be comfortable with a newfound style.  People search for quick solutions to make them happy outside of themselves all the time, be it clothing, food, love even, but in those things, the focus on the inner you can be easily lost when you’re trying to look good, get full and feel loved.

In my spare time, I love to read, I’m a voracious reader, but I also read slow as to take notes inside of my books.  Especially since college, many of the books I have are severely scarred by notation lol.  I also love a dope movie, in-home and in the theater I adore equally, although people bringing their babies to the theater are beginning to turn me off from that!  Like…this is Rated-R my dude…I also enjoy cooking, and eating, Italian, Mexican and Asian are at the top of my lists.  Can’t ever go wrong with fried chicken and waffles though!


I try to have a very diversified closet nowadays in terms of hues, but if I had to choose…I’d probably say blue is the most frequent color in my closet, from oxford cloth stripes, denim, navies here and there.  I don’t own a pair of blue shoes yet though so I guess that’s next in line…maybe some Stubbs & Wooton slippers…

Ralph Lauren has to be my favorite designer. Love the vision and quality of his higher-end stuff.  I like Denim & Supply but I wouldn’t have traded Rugby for it though.

Dicool-3The clothing doesn’t make the man, or woman, the man or woman makes the clothes.  People buy expensive things all the time but it may not be worn to a tee, or with the same confidence even, in my opinion as the person that can go to a vintage store and really turn chaos into cohesion on themselves with fabrics and colors and patterns. Then its attitude; what kind of man/woman are you when the clothes come off?  A gentleman shouldn’t only be one because he wears a pocket square and monkstraps, but should remain one in boxers and a t-shirt at home as well.

Any other info we should know? Thank you to Sister Niyah Jackson for the feature. Thank you to the photographers that I know that help me look great in images.  Thank you to my best friends Bertyn “Ghaze” Cayard and Darren Talent of Ghazer Filmz/NYIconz, thank you to Brother Joseph Rivera, Sister Aneisha Malcolm, The Lord Raliq Bashard, and everyone else who’s work can be seen on my Instagram at @Bro.Diamond.

Got Style? Or know someone who deserves to be featured? Email us at with the subject line: Feature Me! 

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