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The Wallet You’ll Never Lose

In 2003, Joe Hayman invented the Bodiband™ wrist wallet as a safe and convenient way to keep valuables on the go. He got his big break when it went into mass production for a debut appearance on the QVC Shopping Network. The new wallet-apparel concept topped sales in its time slot and earned a repeat appearance, thanks to lots of orders from men and women who appreciate the travel convenience, valuables security, and fashion-cuff styling Bodiband™ uniquely offers.

“In the years since, Bodiband™ has been featured in stores worldwide and in major newspapers and other media, including CBS radio affiliates nationwide. Now, celebrities, athletes, large and small businesses and even members of the U.S. Senate count among Bodiband™ buyers, along with college students, business and vacation travelers, and US soldiers around the world,” according to the website.

Bodiband Poster06092015_Page_1

“In 2009, Joe’s commitment to bringing more high-visibility apparel to the public led to the creation of EvenTees™. Ideal for travel clubs, member groups, specialty retailers, and family reunion and commemorative event organizers, EvenTees™ are custom-designed tee-shirts that uniquely feature a special message you choose or we create.”

PROOF2 - BLM Poster

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