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How to Wear 4th of July Staples All Summer Long

With the Fourth of July coming up, you may feel hesitant to purchase clothing with stripes and stars when you know it will only be worn again come next year. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re careful about how you select your outfits this holiday, they can actually be worn all year around (or at least the rest of the summer). Don’t believe me? Check it out.

The Bandana

The bandana is very versatile and in right now for summer ’15, but it’s also an American staple. For the fourth, tie it in your hair and pair with a white off the shoulder top and a fringe skirt. This will give off a boho americana vibe that’s perfect for a dressier celebration.

For later, tie it around your neck as the finishing touch to any outfit. To keep it fresh, try it next to a mint color and a bright shoe.

Red Bandana 4th of July

Seeing Stripes

Ahhh the striped top. Instead of choosing a shirt with all three colors in it, why not just stick with two? You’ll get more use out of a blue and white striped shirt or red and white striped shirt than one with the whole flag on it. For a BBQ, denim cutoff shorts and chucks are always a good option.

Give it some edge for later. DIY a pair of black mom jeans from the thrift store, and shred it up. The looseness of the top will counterbalance perfectly with the hole-ridden denim. Classic sandals and a fun floral hat will spice things up even more.

the striped tee

 The Red, White, & Blue Bikini

This is the one clearly 4th of july piece I would say go for… but only because you can wear them as separates later on. For Independence Day, a big floppy hat, a red, white, and blue bikini, and a fringe coverup is a great look for the beach, the boat, or the pool.

Once July 5th rolls around, it’s time to switch things up. Wear the top with a tribal bottom, or the bottoms with a triangle halter top. Mix and match with what you have! The more eclectic it looks the better.

the bikini

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