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OOTD// My Affordable J. Crew Finds

Recently, I paid a visit to the Cincinnati Premium Outlets. It was a bit of a hike to get there, but I was excited to visit, as I’d never been before. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been extremely picky when purchasing clothes lately. I’m always falling in love with some of the most expensive items that I can in no way purchase as a typical broke college student. I love hunting for a good bargain for good quality clothes even though sometimes it feels like years before I can find anything I’m remotely interested in.

The outlet malls seemed like a fair solution to my dilemma, though sadly at times you can tell there’s a reason certain garments made it to the outlets in the first place. After dragging my friend through store after store, we finally made our way into J. Crew. Honestly, I had never set foot in a J. Crew in my life before that day. I typically avoid going into stores that make me want to cry because of my lack of spending money (and honestly the preppy style just isn’t me). After searching through the store for something my style, a jumper caught my eye. It was originally eighty dollars, but the outlet prices had it marked down to forty. I decided to try it on and really loved it’s light and breathable fabric. I’ve never worn a jumper, but I really liked how it fit on my lanky figure. There’s a cute braided drawstring right above the hips to adjust it and make the garment more fitting, which is great for a loose garment such as this to avoid looking like bag-like. Though it has two patterns on it (which I’m usually not a fan of) they are both subtle enough and match in color, so they don’t clash at all. Plus, it was really easy to take on and off. This seemed like the perfect summer purchase to me. You can wear it out, to the pool, and dress it up or down depending on the shoes you wear with it. Forty dollars isn’t an ideal single item purchase for me, but I found it justifiable for this garment because it is a top and bottom in one.

mejcrewOn my way to check out I also spotted a gorgeous floppy hat that I tried on and immediately decided I needed, it had been marked down to about twenty dollars. I left the store spending about sixty dollars, which really isn’t all that bad for shopping at J. Crew. I like to pair this outfit with my black espadrilles to give it an effortlessly elegant summertime look. Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases and will definitely be returning to the outlets before school starts up again.



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  1. Anonymous says

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep them coming. I been wonder if jumpsuit. Are back in style

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