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Style Star: Meet Ryan Dixon

Ryan Dixon, 20
Marlboro, Maryland
Visual Biographer, Retail

Generally speaking, I would describe my style as a combination between modern minimal, conservative, and raw/rugged. I say generally because there isn’t any one specific style that I  gravitate towards, but typically, people say that’s how I look! One day, I may want to be casual, with joggers, some sneakers and a white tee, the next day more professional and clean cut with a nice, cool colored suit and tie, and the next day, I’ll throw on some skinny/ slim fit selvaged denim, chelsie boots and a long length button down. But the beauty and commonality between these things is the focus on clean cut pieces, strong details, and simplicity.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 7.27.14 PMA lot of the time people tend to say that I look really well put together. I also hear often that the pieces I decide to put together can clash sometimes, but still manage to offset each other nicely. Lastly, I’ve heard my “Man Bun” really adds some extra emphasis and aesthetic to my outfits which is pretty sweet!


My last purchase of clothing was a vintage, and super rare, Michael Jordan Bullets basketball Jersey. I only paid $20 for it from buffalo exchange, and it’s definitely also one of my favorite pieces!

I’ve always wanted to do something in the fashion/design/photography realm, but honestly, I have never been all to sure of which path to take. I just hope that whichever way I decide to go, I can turn out as happy and as satisfied with my journey as possible.

Sometimes, I’ll catch myself drawing something I photographed a while ago, or writing about some love that I never got the chance to see through. I enjoy being able to express myself on paper. It’s a soothing and relaxing action for me personally. I also really enjoy kicking back with friends. On Most days, we’ll go out and do photo shoots for fun around the city, and on other days, we’ll stay in the neighborhood and play basketball and video games all day. Honestly, I’m just a really big kid at heart!


I would say my fashion inspiration comes from my workplace. I work at urban outfitters in Georgetown, so I get the opportunity to see a lot of unique fashions come and go. On top of that, I do a good amount of merchandising during work, which keeps me in tune with current trends and products. I’ve also created a few look books for work and for personal fashion inspiration, which consists mostly of fashion photos of people that I see on various social networks. Typically, I try to model my fashion around that.

Most people don’t know that I used to write poetry. I haven’t lost or abandoned my love for poetry, or creative writing in general, but it has begun to slowly fade from my everyday activity. I used to write 2 or 3 pieces a week, now, I’d say I only write once every couple of months, if that.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 7.30.01 PM

Follow Ryan’s amazing feed on Instagram @Lord.Dixon

I own mostly whites, Greys, blacks, and light blues. I like to keep things simple and clean. In my opinion, neutral colors are the best way to go! My favorite stores, as of right now, are Commonwealth, Urban Outfitters, Topman, H&M and Joint Custody.

I probably couldn’t live without my NEUW selvaged Denim jeans, H&M long white tee, Brixton Tiller Fedora, and brown suede Hawkings McGill chelsie boots. This is one of my favorite outfits right now because, along with being between classy and casual, it’s also really comfortable to wear all day. There are some outfits that are a pain to get through the day with, but look better than the outfit I described. But, at the end of the day, I’d rather be pretty comfortable AND look pretty good than look perfect OR  be perfectly comfortable. I don’t think I need to be the best dressed person at any place or time, just a well dressed person at every place and time.

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