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I Have an Itch to Thrift

I want to go thrifting so badly. It’s been so long. I crave the aisles and aisles of cheap finds and undiscovered treasures. I miss the high of finding an item I never knew was missing from my life. The next time I go thrifting, I definitely want to do a haul video afterwards. Perhaps with my friend and fellow fashion enthusiast/Youtuber, Angwi. You can check out her stuff here and here. Anywhooooo I know it’s really bad to go thrift shopping with expectations. BUT here are a few things that would be fantastic to stumble upon during my next expedition:

1. A suede or denim button front a-line mini skirt. Specific. I know. Leave me alone and let me dreeammmmmm.

2. Button Down Shirts. Preferably Mens. I love tying these around my waist with a dress on and sneakers.

Image Via

Image Via

3. Easy summer dresses. Like the kind that you slip on in the way you slip on a t-shirt. No fasteners. Loose, oversized, billowy, no fuss, dresses.

Image Via

Image Via

4. Mom Jeans. But I want them to stay as mom jeans, none of that cutting-into-shorts stuff. It will be hard to find ones that fit right in the waist (pants are always big on me in the waist), but are long enough. I wouldn’t mind cuffing them though. Idk Idk. We’ll see what I can find.

5. Decor for my new apartment. Cannot wait to move in and decorate! My roomie and I decided to go for a modern bohemian theme. One of the ideas we want to make happen is a frame collage in the living room. I’m sure the thrift store will have lots of frames and maybe even some artwork to put in them for an eclectic vibe.

Wish me luck!

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