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I Decided to Leave the House Today, Here’s What I Wore

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I can’t even remember the last time I left the house. This makes me sound like I am depressed. I am not depressed. These past few days have been filled with holiday cheer, unhealthy amounts of time watching TV, and cleaning the house to prepare for guests. Who needs to leave the house for those things?? I realized I was missing the act of getting dressed up. By the third day of wearing the same pajamas, I was ready for real clothes, especially some of the new pieces I got for Christmas!

It was time to leave the nest. I really wanted to wear my new boots from my parents, so I paired them with over-the-knee socks and a cozy scarf my brother bought me. This cross body bag from my dad accented the outfit perfectly. I finished the look off with a silver watch I stole from my dad years ago, and a bracelet my aunt gave me (the bracelet came with interchangeable wrist bands). And… Wa la! My first real outfit in days! What do you think?


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