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An Inexpensive Way to Recreate Casino Chic

An Inexpensive Way to Recreate Casino Chic Be dressed to the nines without spending big money When we think of casino fashion, our minds immediately float back to James Bond in Casino Royale. Tailor-fitted suits, gorgeous long gowns, and extravagant jewelry seemed to be the staples of the time, and obviously, these are items that would never fit into the thrifty fashionista’s budget. So how do you go about pulling off a stellar casino look without blowing your budget? First, the good news: Casinos don’t really require that their guests dress to the nines anymore. In fact, many casinos have all but completely done away with their dress codes in an effort to get more people to visit their gaming halls. It’s no secret that we are living in an extremely technological age, and we see more and more people begin to prefer online gambling for the comforts it gives. Intercasino, the world’s first online casino, has even introduced a “Live Casino” feature that makes it feel as though you’re playing at the gaming tables right from the comforts of your own home, thus eliminating the need to head out. And as more people begin to frequent online casinos over land-based casinos, the latter have slowly been chipping away at their luxuries. Now, the better news: Even if you do decide to dress up when you head out to a casino, you won’t look out of place, as casinos have recently been trying to appeal to a more fashionable crowd. In Oklahoma, Grand Casino Hotel & Resort teamed up with Penn Square Mall to bring casino-inspired fashion designs to the public, while Detroit’s MotorCity Casino Hotel played host to Fashion in Detroit, one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year. Let’s not forget that casinos are now also home to some of the hottest performances and parties, and they’re a great reason to look your best if you ever needed one. And lastly, the best news: Casino fashion shouldn’t make you go bust, and it’s just as easy to pull off some high-fashion casino looks as it is to replicate your favorite celebrity’s red carpet looks. Just think glitz and glamour, and find items in your closet that can help you shine: tumblr_inline_my17hblhip1qaw45q Dresses made of metallic material or sequins are an easy go-to, as they stand out on their own and can easily be accented with more neutral materials, and dressed up or dressed down to fit the occasion. Similarly, your LBD can work wonders when worn with large jewelry and shimmery makeup.

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