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How To Stay Warm and Look Stylish

Have you heard of Her Campus?

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A few weeks ago I became a contributing writer for the Her Campus Cincinnati chapter my university started!! I’ll be posting the articles I write for them here as well, but be sure to visit their site and see if your college has a chapter! Or, just browse the thousands of topics circling their pages now. 

My most recent article is called “How to Stay Warm and Look Stylish”

We’ve all had those days when we check the weather on our phones and realize it’s way too cold to look cute. In that moment, our only thought is, “How many articles of clothing can I layer on my body and still manage to move?” While I completely understand this way of thinking, what if there was a way to look good and be warm and cozy? I’m here to bring you the good news: there are actually a few ways to pull this off! Follow the tips below and stand out in a crowd amongst mismatched layers.

The Oversized Scarf


Scarves are an absolute must for the colder months. Bundle up this winter in an oversized cowl neck scarf or an extra long scarf that you can wrap around a few times. You could even try sporting two at a time for a fashion forward look! Since the volume of this accessory focuses largely on your top half, make sure you’re rocking a great pair of shoes and your best jeans for a super stylish outfit.

The Blanket Coat


The blanket coat is the newest addition to the list of must-haves for this fall and winter. Its presence graced the runways from labels Burberry Prorsum to Etro. Street style bloggers have fallen for this genius coat, and chances are, you will too! A wearable blanket as fashion? Why hasn’t it been a trend before now? Pair it with a turtleneck, skinny leather pants, and riding boots for an edgy equestrian vibe.

Layering Tricks


For those dangerously cold days like last year’s below-zeros, you’ll want to double up on certain things—socks especially, for example. Try layering a thin pair of ankle socks underneath your thicker, cozy socks for walking around the house. Next, slip into your boots. No one will know, and your feet will thank you later. You can do the same thing with your jeans. No, I’m not suggesting you wear two pairs at once (but if you’re able to pull that off…)instead, wear a pair of leggings underneath for extra warmth. Again, no one will know and you’ll manage to prevent frostbite on your trek across campus! Another tip? Wear more than one jacket! I’ve already begun to wear a leather jacket and then pair a lined vest on top for more warmth. When a leather jacket won’t suffice, switch it up and wear a long coat with a faux fur vest on top. Just be aware of the proportions!

The Sweater Dress


Dresses aren’t just for the summer! When you feel like looking a little extra cute, it’s time to whip out a sweater dress. My favorite way to style this staple is with a button down shirt underneath and some sweater tights or leggings. Above are a few options on sale currently at Target, Macy’s, and Old Navy.

How to Style Tall Socks


When you want more coverage for your legs, knee high socks are the way to go. There is a plethora of ways to wear these babies. Pair with a mini skirt, tights, and add the socks on top. Wear the socks with platform heels if you’re into that sort of thing. Revive your shorts again and repeat the same steps as mentioned before with the mini skirt. Wear the socks over leggings, or try them with a flouncy dress, tall boots and a shearling coat. Am I forgetting any stylish ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

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