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Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

Great fancy dress ideas for your Halloween party

It is coming up to that time of year when the kids get dressed up as ghosts, skeletons and werewolves and go around terrorizing neighborhoods and demanding candy with menaces. But for those who are bored with the same old costumes, coming up with new fancy dress ideas can be a challenge.

Throw a party

Do you need an excuse to throw a party? Well, if so, Halloween is a great one. It is a chance for kids and adults alike to act a little bit silly, dressing up in ridiculous outfits and turning the home into a scene from a haunted house or slasher movie. While Halloween is a theme in itself, if you are throwing a party, why not try to narrow it down a little? For example, you could have a Halloween party where everyone has to come as their favorite horror movie or Gothic novel character.

image via photopin

image via photopin

If the party is going to be a mixture of adults and children, then keeps things family-friendly. Adults can keep things simple by dressing up in animal costume onesies, while children can enjoy having their faces painted with gruesome wounds and splatter their clothes with dirt and fake blood. There is no need to limit yourself to horror for a Halloween party, though. Ring the changes by having your guests come as Lego men, bottles of ketchup, or a set of crayons. If you intend to have an adult-only party, spice things up by having your guests dress up in risqué outfits, such as these sexy Halloween costume deals.

If your budget can stretch to a big, luxury-style party, spend a little bit more on your costume to make it truly memorable. Have a fairy tale-inspired party and put on a long dress and red cloak to become Little Red Riding Hood. Alternatively, emulate Angelina Jolie and become Snow White’s villainess, Maleficent, complete with horned headdress, and high, fan-necked black and deep purple cloak. Men could dress up as one of the Disney princes, with breeches, high leather boots and short capes.

image via photopin

image via photopin

If you prefer to make your own Halloween costumes, there are plenty of outfits you can create from scratch. The most basic costume, the ghost, is easily achieved with a simple white bed sheet that has holes cut out for eyes. A little more imagination takes discolored bandages, glued and wrapped around a long-sleeved shirt and pants, to make an easily managed mummy costume. If you want to become a witch, just find a black skirt and T-shirt in your wardrobe, and paint your face green. Add a wart or two and buy a nose for extra effect. Animal ears can be achieved by simply sticking ear shapes onto a headband, while you can turn yourself into a spider by stuffing pantyhose with cloth and sewing it onto the back of your T-shirt.

While having fun at your Halloween party is a prerequisite, spending a great deal of money is not. The Halloween look, for both your venue and your costume, can be achieved with very little effort and imagination.


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