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Fun and Fashionable Keep Fit Ideas

Every year there seems to be someone telling you about a new way to keep fit and healthy. In truth, the search is constantly on for new and exciting ways of ensuring that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a variety of methods to enable you to stay in shape.

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There is a wide range of exercise routines for you to follow that have proven popular and have brought fantastic results for those who have championed them. Stars such as Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Garner are great believers in the benefits of the stability ball workout, a system that is totally adaptable to your level of fitness and can be made progressively difficult as your fitness and stamina increases, just by adding air. The ball can be used to assist in all common exercises such as push-ups and lunges for beginners to a complete body workout for those of advanced fitness levels. The beauty of the stability ball is that it also acts to eliminate back pain as it works on the deep muscles of the spine.


For those looking for an outdoor, exhilarating and generally more social keep fit regime, inline skating is fast becoming the exercise regime of choice. Burning up to 850 calories per hour, inline skating is known as one of the top five “fat-blasting” exercise regimes. For people who have issues with their joints, this form of exercise has been proven much gentler than traditional forms of exercise such as jogging, skipping or other intense workouts. Kim Delaney and Melanie Griffith are renowned inline skaters, extolling the virtues of having a great workout alongside the rush of adrenalin the speed and excitement elicits. Making this your exercise of choice is easy and inexpensive, and has some great rollerblades at fantastic prices.


Tabata is a trending exercise regime that simply alternates 20 seconds of intense exercise with ten seconds of rest for a period of four minutes. This simple routine can be used in almost any activity; running, skipping, cycling or even dancing to your favorite tunes. It is a proven favorite with stars who need a short sharp routine and with athletes who feel the need for extra workouts.


The other exercise regime about to take the world by storm is the ViPR, which stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning. The ViPR is a large rubber tube that can adjust its weight to allow the user to conduct up to 9,000 exercises that not only enhance strength and fitness but also ensure the body remains supple and improves balance. The tube is hoisted, rolled, dragged and flipped among a variety of other techniques to give a full body workout every time. A popular fixture for most gyms and training areas, the ViPR is a firm favorite among the Hollywood clan.


Whether you want to pull on your rollerblades, throw a tube or use a ball, there is an ideal exercise routine out there for you to emulate your favorite star’s personal fitness campaign.

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