Back-to-School Series
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Find Your Perfect Bag For Back-to-School

There are a few things most of us look for in a school bag.

  • It needs to be spacious enough to hold essentials such as books, folders, binders, and possibly a laptop
  • It needs to be aesthetically pleasing
  • It needs to fit in our budget

While some of us prefer the more traditional backpack like this one from Jansport, others of us are hoping to find something with more stylistic elements, and even yet… some don’t want a backpack at all, but would rather carry a messenger or tote style bag. What’s your school bag style? Below are several options (keeping in mind the bulleted list above) to help you figure out just that.

The Budget: $25-$50 

The Budget: $50-$75

The Budget: $75-$100

I’d love to know which bag is your favorite! I think mine is a tie between this olive colored Oliva and Joy bag, the crazyleatherbag from Etsy and the AdamShops bag from Etsy.

Coming up in our Back to School series —-> Dorm Room DIY Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.40.21 PM

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