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Overlooked Items You’ll Want to Bring to College


In just a few short weeks college kids will be back in school! If you’ll be starting your freshman year this fall (like me!), not to worry…. this series is specifically for you. So far we’ve covered eyewear, Pantone’s fall color guide, and reviewed a few of the fall runway shows. There’s still a lot more exciting topics we’re covering, but today it’s all about what to bring to your new home– the dorms!

Sure, you’ve thought to bring your extra long twin sheets and bedding and you’ve got your dorm decor ready, but what about a first aid kit? Trash bags? Ibuprofen? Gotcha there. Keep reading for even more overlooked items you don’t want to forget to bring to college! You can thank us later.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.40.21 PM

Bathing Suit  I’m not sure about other colleges, but mine has a rec center with a lazy river, and the athlete swimming pools are also available for students. If your school doesn’t have a pool, bring your suit anyway! You never know when you’ll take a weekend getaway to a beach or lake.


Board Games Bring a few classics like Monopoly, Wise and Otherwise (one of my favorites!), Taboo, Scrabble, and Cards Against Humanity. This is a great way to bond with your roommates or even your floor mates.

Brita Water Filter  A lot cheaper in the long run than constantly buying water bottles.

Broom/Dustpan and/or Vacuum  Trust me.

Business Attire/Formal Wear  Colleges will often have career fairs where it’s important to look your best. This is also a good idea for certain parties or sorority recruitment.

Can Opener  

Cleaning Supplies (Glass Cleaner, Multipurpose Cleaner)  Good to have on hand when you want to spruce up your space.

Cushioned Seat  Poufs are an excellent way to decorate a space, but they’re also perfect for sitting on, resting your feet on, using as a coffee table, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 1.26.29 PM

Desk Lamp

Extra Socks/Underwear  It’s worth it to buy more now so you don’t have to do as much laundry

First Aid Kit  In case you get a boo boo

Hamper  To maximize space, try to find one that’s foldable.

Hangers  Did you know if you slide a soda can tab over the hook of a hanger you can attach another hanger to the tab and create more closet space? Well, now you do.

Headphones/Earbuds  Study in peace. Block out noises. Listen to the music you want to listen to.

Ibuprofen/Allergy Medication/Multivitamins

Laundry Detergent

Mattress Pad  The dorm beds aren’t going to be as comfy as yours back home. Invest in an egg crate mattress or a memory foam one for restful nights.

Power Strip With Surge Protection  Between you and your roommates, you’re going to have a lot of electronics and not enough outlets. Add more with a power strip.

Rain boots/Raincoat

Real Food (Microwavable Meals)  When the dining hall is closed and your tummy is rumbling for more than a few chips it would be good to have some quick and easy meals on hand. Click here for some healthy recipes.

Safe  Keep valuables like jewelry and large bills locked away.



Snacks (Popcorn, Gummies, Chips, Fruit, etc.)

Social Security Card/Copy of Birth Certificate/Bank Account Info  If you decide to get a job on campus, it’s more convenient to already have these documents with you.

Toilet Paper

Trashcan/Trash bags  You’ll want one in each bedroom, the kitchen/kitchenette/living area, and your bathroom (if you have one in your dorm).


Am I missing anything on this list? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list!

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