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My First Ever Magazine Cover

As some of you may already know, another passion of mine besides blogging, is modeling. I love the feeling of being in front of the camera and moving freely with the clothes to create something spectacular. Just a few days ago my first ever magazine cover went out on shelves! Never in a million years would I have dreamed this would happen to me!

I’ve always enjoyed having my picture taken since I was a little girl. Around the time I was 13, I started having “photoshoots” with my friends. They’d all come over and we’d dress up and take turns taking each other’s photo with my dad’s Nikon. Our audience? Facebook. We’d upload all of the pictures into an album and for the caption include what we thought was an inspirational quote, that really had nothing to do with the pictures… but Oh, did we think we looked good! That lasted for a couple years. Taking pictures only for fun. The summer before junior year my family moved to Cincinnati. That summer, I began looking more seriously into modeling and worked with professional photographers throughout my junior and senior year. I had the chance to try runway for the first time during those two years (DAAP fashion show) and I was even working with local boutiques and modeling for their websites.

The first time I worked with Venue Magazine, I was an assistant stylist. Fashion styling is my dream job, so it was an awesome experience to be able to work with a real magazine and help out on set. In one of my conversations with the creator of the magazine, I mentioned I also model. A few months later, I got the call that the team at Venue wanted me to be in their Spring issue. Another model and I were on the inside, each sharing the six page spread… she was on the cover. After that shoot, the same person who landed me this job said they wanted me back! This time with me on the cover.. I was ecstatic!

I feel so blessed to have accomplished one of my biggest dreams and I cannot wait for what’s to come! Enjoy the photos below and let me know what you think.

10513506_812523808760172_1961639358788967605_nCOVER_Summer14 Fashion_Page_110525590_812520475427172_1048218370506825850_n Fashion_Page_31926641_812522275426992_5183731917702191675_n Fashion_Page_6 Fashion_Page_5 10497856_812524142093472_8490194007727435838_o


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