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Chevron Midi \ E-Shakti






This is no ordinary skirt. Neither are the dresses, tops, jackets, etc. that are on a site that recently came to my attention. The name? E-Shakti. A clothing website dedicated to making fit and affordability a top priority for each shopper. Each piece is customizable. No matter what your body type is, if you find something you like, you can put in your body measurements OR you can select to custom style it.

Display of the many custom options

Display of the many custom options

For example, you can choose for a top to be tunic length or for it to fall above the hip. You can even select the sleeve length (3/4, short, long, cap, etc.). On the skirt I am wearing above, I had the option to remove the chevron embroidery… I definitely wanted to keep it, but it’s great to have choices. E-Shakti is quickly becoming a popular place to shop. My friend bought her graduation party dress from them, and I was surprised to see a few of my Facebook friends had liked their page.

I would 100% recommend taking a look at the site. If you’re looking for affordable, quality garments, that will last and fit you like it was made for you (and it was!) then click right HERE. 

Note: All of the pictures taken above were during my trip to Paris! This midi skirt was the perfect thing to wear in such a chic city!


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