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Introducing Ellie Hayes 5-Panel Caps

DSC_1315Unknown DSC_1335 DSC_1344 DSC_1331 crabhatEllie Hayes is an American-made lifestyle brand that features unique 5-panel caps for the creative type. Not only are the hats fun to wear, but they also support a cause! A portion of each sale goes to Clinics of Hope, a non-profit organization that builds medical clinics in sub-Saharan Africa where professionals provide life-saving treatments and immediate care for those in urgent need.

This crab hat ($34) in particular was inspired by Hayes’ childhood, “I was born into a military family, therefore we moved around a lot. With each post my family was stationed at, my parents brought family traditions and love. My father was born in New Orleans Louisiana and he would often share meals from his childhood. Boiling and eating Big Red Crabs was always one of my favorite activities. No matter what city we lived in or what house.”

Other caps in her collection feature flamingoes, flowers and the tide. Click HERE to see more!


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