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Look What I Found…

So the other day I spent HOURS browsing through several online shops. It started out as me trying to find a graduation dress (3 more days of high school left!!!), then quickly turned to “what can I bring on my trip to Paris” (I’m going with my girlfriends as a graduation gift from our parents!!!). Before I knew it my Pinterest got an update, my fingers became sore from clicking, and my checking account didn’t look so promising.

I discovered a new site (Necessary Clothing). An affordable fashion site. With super cute clothes. Like realllllllly cute. Ok let me stop blabbering and just show you.

From Necessary Clothing

I probably spent an hour on this site alone. This store is my style to a T. After debating whether or not I would save my money, I decided I couldn’t pass up a few pieces.

Here are some more stores I browsed and my favorite things from their sites…

From Brandy Melville 

I’ve heard Youtubers talk about this shop quite often, but this was my first time checking it out and absolutely falling in love with everything I see. I love clothes that are loose, oversized, shapeless, and chic. Clothes that are easy, simple, minimalistic. Clothes that just need a few accessories and you’re out the door.

From Mango

From Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is the type of store I walk into and head straight to the sales rack (or in this case, clicking on the sales tab). Their pieces are super expensive on their own, but you can find some amazing things on sale!

From Urban Og

Urban Og is a great stop if you’re looking for street style clothes with an edge. If I can, I like to incorporate something unexpected into every outfit. This site definitely has you covered in that department. People will be asking you all the time “where did you get that?!”

From Tobi

I was never really into the bohemian look, but there’s something about wearing lace or off the shoulder tops in Paris that gets me excited. Boho has an exotic vacation vibe, ya know?

From Born Pretty 

If you’re looking for edgy jewelry that’s super affordable (like $5 and under…) this is the place for you. Born Pretty is similar to Forever21 in that its jewelry and accessories are at an unbelievable price, but personally I think they have more to choose from and it’s unique! For 10% off use this special code just for Inexpensive Chic readers: NYAT10

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where are your favorite places to shop online for affordable fashion?? Please share below to supply my addiction 🙂

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