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On Trend Spring Jackets to Buy Right Now

A new season means new clothes! Its finally time to put away those heavy winter coats and give your closet a spring makeover. While the temps outside are no longer at polar-vortex level it’s still a little bit chilly, so you’ll definitely need something lighter to wear until we get to tank-top weather! Here is my list of stylish and affordable must have spring jackets for 2014…

1. If you have been following the Royal Family’s trip down under, like I have, then you’ve definitely seen this navy blazer on the glamorous Duchess, and while not exactly the same one she wore before beating the prince in a yacht race ( how glamorous is that!), you can definitely have your royal moment while wearing this version of it from Old Navy. You’ll feel even more royal because you’ll have money left over to buy a pair of shoes. This blazer is only $39.94

Image via

Image via

2. The Denim Jacket- I don’t think the denim jacket will ever go out of style. With that said, if you don’t have this staple piece in your wardrobe go out and get one now! It’s perfect for the breezy brisk spring air and goes virtually with everything. I even wear it to the office, pairing it with a dress or slacks on dress down Friday’s! You can dress the jacket up as much, or as less as you want. Also from Old Navy this denim jacket definitely won’t break your bank, only $34.94 in all denim shades and styles!

3. Trench Coat-  Perfect for those rainy days (April Showers) it keeps you warm and dry as you turn the wet sidewalks into your own personal runway. H&M  has several styles of the trench coat on sale now!

4. The Kimono- The Kimono is totally on trend right now. You can find the Kimono in several styles and colors at places like H&M or They’re especially great to wear if you need a unique flair to your outfit.


And there you have it!  My top picks for this season spring jackets! Start cleaning out those closets now so you can make room for some super chic finds.

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