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The Do’s and Dont’s of Online Shopping

More times than not, I am browsing around on my computer and before I know it, I find myself looking at the “new arrivals” section of or Nordstrom’s. Pretty soon I am adding items to my cart, an hour passes by, I am looking at other sites… meanwhile I don’t actually have money to spend, but I end up bargaining with myself and justifying the purchase of my twentieth cream sweater. I can’t be the only one who does this… right? Regardless, here are ten tips to avoid being sucked into the clever trap otherwise known as online shopping.



DO begin to add items you like to your shopping cart or wish list as a storage place. Then come back to it for editing once you’re done browsing. Get rid of anything you’re second guessing.

How to Wear a Denim Dress

DO ask yourself if you have at least three different ways you can wear a piece of clothing with what you already have in your closet. If you can’t picture how you would wear it, there’s a chance it will stay in the back of your closet with the price tags still attached.

DON’T forget to check the stores return policy. Some stores have restrictions on how many days you have to return something. Also, a lot of stores don’t have free returns, meaning you’ll have to pay for the shipping. You don’t want to end up stuck with an item you regret buying.  

DO comparison shop! The benefit of shopping online is a new store is a few clicks away. There’s no walking to the other end of the mall. Take advantage of this and double check that other stores don’t have a better deal.

DON’T spend more than you can afford. It’s easy to get caught up. Set a budget for yourself before you start browsing.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.56.19 PM Yabbly-—-Make-great-decisions.-1DO get opinions before you buy! Check the customer reviews or look into websites like Mallzee and Yabbly where real readers give you their personal feedback before you make a purchase.

DON’T shop online late into the night. You’re prone to spend more than you were originally planning.

DO head to if you’re looking for something specific. I am on this site all of them time. It’s like a search engine for all things fashion and beauty related. By compiling several different stores in one, your search is made much easier. For example, if you were looking for combat boots, you could type that in, narrow the choices down by price, color, size, brand, etc. and find the perfect pair all in one step.

DO ask yourself: do I really need this or am I just buying it because it’s here and it’s pretty?

DON’T hit the checkout button just yet! Did you check to see if there are any coupons or promo codes you can use? Open a new tab, and go to or to see if you can save a couple bucks on your purchase. Sometimes they’ll have 25% off or free shipping, etc.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your next online shopping excursion! Click below for my list of affordable online clothing stores.



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