4 Hot Holiday Hairstyles

So you’ve been invited to like a dozen holiday parties and you have no idea on how to style your hair right? Well fear not  below are four hot holiday hairstyles that are guaranteed to heat up any holiday party.

1.       The Cheerleader/High Ponytail-The ponytail is the classic go to hair style, but in order to make heads turn at your Holiday party you’ve got to get it right…too high and well you just look crazy…too low and you look like you’re about to walk into a board room. The cheerleader/high ponytail must sit perfectly in the middle of your head , have texture in the front, not look too sleeked back, and have  enough curl to give it a cheerful bounce. To create the perfect ponytail click on the link below to get step by step instructions . http://www.eonline.com/photos/9291/stars-red-carpet-ponytails/298015

Image via eonline.com
Image via eonline.com

2.      Hollywood Waves- This look is so surprisingly easy to achieve, that people will be amazed when you tell them that you didn’t  spend hours sitting in a chair at Ted Gibson’s salon in New York , BUT  instead spent 30 minutes in your Aunt’s bathroom in Queens! Here is the step by step link to have fabulous sexy Hollywood waves.  http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2011/31-new-holiday-party-hair-ideas#slide=4

Image via allure.com
Image via allure.com

3.       Side Fishtail Braid- Totally take a page out of Blake Lively’s book and sport this sexy intricate braid. The fishtail is a little more complicated than the other two holiday hair styles, but after watching a video or two on how to create the fishtail braid you’ll be all set for your Holiday look. The best part is that it can be worn in several different ways. You can put it in a high ponytail like Blake Lively, or wear it down and sweep it to one side. I found this great video from Glamour.com on how to create the perfect fishtail braid. Check it out now: http://video.glamour.com/watch/how-to-do-a-fishtail-braid-hey-hair-genius-shows-you-the-perfect-hairstyle-to-try-when-you-re-short-on-time

4.       The Asymmetrical Updo- Don’t be afraid by the complicated name. This look is so easy to do and looks so elegant that you’ll be receiving complements all night on how fabulous your hair looks. Basically your just curling your hair, then pulling it back into a low chignon, making sure to leave a few pieces of hair out so that you can randomly pin them back to add more texture. For the exact step by step instructions on how to create this look check out the link below:


Image via allure.com
Image via instyle.com

And there you have it! Four perfect holiday hair styles that will have everyone at your next holiday party secretly jealous that they didn’t read this post to get some fabulous ideas for themselves!

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