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The Fashion Icons I’m Thankful For

 In the spirit of Thanksgiving let’s give thanks to the fashion icons who have paved the way for all of the inspiring designers, fashion bloggers and lovers of fashion world wide. Let’s say a big thank you for paving the way, giving us inspiration, hope and a fierce passion for all things fashion.  With that said I want to offer you a list of some of the people who I feel have truly made an impact in both fashion and my life:

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Coco Chanel– No fashion list would be complete without mentioning the woman who completely reinvented women’s fashion as a whole. Before Coco Chanel women had to be slaves to fashion, wearing things that didn’t flatter their bodies, and didn’t show the amazing female form. She is quoted as saying “I gave women’s bodies their freedom back; their bodies sweated under their corsets, their underwear, their padding.” Through her clothing and design she essentially gave birth to the new modern woman.  Even today Coco Chanel lives on her iconic designs are some of the most recognizable in fashion: the beloved tweed suite, the little black sheath dress, the 2.55(the first shoulder bag, named after its date of birth -February 1955)-with its leather top stitched material and gold chain. Coco Chanel is truly a fashion icon completely worthy of giving thanks to for her constant contributions to fashion that still live on today!

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Diane von Furstenberg:  Another fashion icon that completely changed the way people thought of fashion. Diane von Furstenberg has contributed so much to fashion, and has been such an inspiration to all, that this simple paragraph that I write about her can’t even begin to give her, and her works of life any amount of justice. Diane jumped into the fashion world in 1972 and never looked back! The creator of the famous wrap dress, like Coco Chanel, she took women’s fashion to a whole new level. Diane has been such an inspiration to lovers of fashion world-wide. While giving hope and inspiration to those who often struggle on finding themselves, or their careers, or life passions, she is often quoted as saying “ I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to become”, and what a wonderful women she became! Diane currently holds the position of president of the CFDA-(Council of Fashion Designers of America) an organization, that amongst other things,  supports budding new designers with their careers in fashion. I say thank you to Diane von Furstenberg for giving me hope, direction, and constantly renewing my love of fashion with her vibrant designs.

alexander-mcqueen-dead Alexander McQueen: If for nothing else than to say thank you for providing Duchess Kate Middleton with an array of beautiful outfits to wear while, getting married, meeting Officials from other countries, or making her numerous amounts of appearances. I want to give thanks to a man we lost too soon for his timeless creations of art! This mad scientist spent many a night in his “lab” creating timeless pieces that will live on forever ,and will forever be  a constant reminder of just how wonderful he truly was. The world lost a bit of itself the day he sadly passed away, but he will never be forgotten , and as long as the Duchess has her crown neither will his designs!

november-1965-chelsea-fashion-designer-and-make-up-manufacturer-mary-quant-photo-by-keystonegetty-imagesMary Quant: A list that gives thanks to those who have paved the way in fashion would not be complete without Mary Quant- the woman who gave us the mini skirt! Mary Quant not a designer, but a stylist out of England in the 60’s  is quoted as saying “ A fashionable woman wears clothes; the clothes don’t wear her”.  Cutting the hem lines of the long skirts and issuing in the idea that fashion can be sexy,  the mini skirt is still as fashionable today as it was in the 60’s. Without forward thinkers like Mary, fashion would be dull. Not only did she give us the mini skirt, but she also produced tights (typically worn with the mini-making it a year round outfit) and the over the knee boot- still as popular today as it was back then! Mary truly a fashion game-changer is completely deserving of a Thanksgiving thank you.

So this Thanksgiving as you gather around the table and give thanks for everyone and every blessing in your life, I hope that those who are truly inspired by fashion, and who are driven by the love and desire to be great at whatever they chose to do in life will look upon these  fashion icons, look at the lives they led, and continue to lead and say a little thank you to them for giving us the desire ,and the passion to push forward with our true love ….fashion.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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