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Trend Talk: 5 Unique Fall Looks

There were 5  fall trends we discussed during my last BP Fashion Board Meeting. Within each trend, there are a few key items that go along with it. I thought I’d cover these in more detail, as I briefly mentioned it in my post about my experiences with the BP Fashion Board (so far). So, keep reading, and let me know what you think!

photo 1

This picture (and the following like it) were taken from the packet the fashion board handed out to each member. The polyvore looks were created by me.

“Couture Darlings” was the first trend in the packet. It’s described as “Retro femininity pushed forward into the next era with considered and refined details, curvaceous cuts and a focus on ladylike proportions. ” A few “key items” include a fuzzy knit, graphic top, dolly dress, and rounded shoulders. Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 4.45.56 PM


photo 2“Power Play” was the next one. “90’s street style plays into a cosmic clash of color and print. Sport inspired shapes, sic-fi screens and fierce femininity combine with boyish codes for maximum strength power.” Must haves for this look include the tube skirt, the sport sweatshirt (superheroes, comic strips, etc.), decorative shine, and paneling.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 5.02.49 PMphoto 3“Dark Romantics” is “A dreamy and romantic dandy spirit rich in baroque inspired decor and fanciful accumulation. Dark peacock hues are layered in luxe and moody combinations.” Key pieces are the skater skirt, baroque prints, the printed bomber, and velvet. Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 5.19.57 PMphoto 4“Simple Life” is described as “a new modest and authentic vintage heritage lends to simplicity and natural beauty. Handcrafted details, soulful stitches, novel textures, and earthy color compliment hardworking silhouettes. For this style, a patterned sweater, tweedy textures, shirt dress, military jacket, and tough denim are among your must haves.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 8.04.23 PMphoto 5“Funtastic is a “Hybrid of eye-popping color, street style, and graphic print. A playful escape from the everyday into a quirky kitsch fantasy.” Key items are animal prints, recolored plaid, a fuzzy knit, and graphic leggings. Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 8.25.55 PM


I’m curious to know, which look is most like your style? Or which style are you going to try more of this season? Personally, I love the concept of “Dark Romantics.”






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