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6 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

Scarves aren’t just for the winter. A silk, or chiffon scarf can be the perfect lightweight addition to a summery outfit. I’ve collaborated with Alexa from LexLovesCouture. Keep reading to see how we would wear a scarf this season.

1. As a Necklace


Grab a collar necklace, and wrap a lightweight scarf around it for an easy DIY.


2. With a Blazer


A printed scarf is the paint that is carefully placed upon a canvas that is a neutral blazer.

3. On a Purse


For a splash of color, tie a fun scarf around your everyday bag.


4. With a Basic Dress


A simple t-shirt dress can be updated with a lightweight scarf and heels.

5. As a Headband 


Keep hair in place, or out of the way with a chic head wrap.


6. With a Denim Vest


This is a great look for going out in the evening. The pants balance out the sleeveless vest, and keep you from getting too chilly. If the night gets even colder, you can always wear the scarf as a shawl.

Be sure to visit Alexa’s post featuring both ways we wear summer scarves… and let me know which way is your favorite down below! 



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