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What If You Could Spray on Your Clothes?

Well now, thanks to Spanish designer Manel Torres, you can! Torres has created the world’s first clothes-spray out of plastic and cotton fibers. Once it has been applied, the solvent evaporates, hardening the layer. The clothing formed can be removed, washed, and worn again. You can even dissolve the article of clothing into its original solvent, and make more clothes! How amazing is that?? Watch this video below for more details.




This invention is a great example of the cross between science and fashion. The fashion industry is evolving everyday, and it’s exciting to see the fascinating direction it’s headed into.

The cans will be widely available soon, to designers, and consumers. CLICK HERE to read more about how the material is applicable not only in the fashion world, but also has medical, hygienic, home and industrial design, and automotive uses.

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