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Preparing An Outfit For Prom Night


When it comes to dressing up for special occasions, women really enjoy it. Being able to go out a buy a brand new outfit that will make you feel great is a fantastic feeling. Of course if this occasion is something like your upcoming prom then a lot more care and consideration will be put into choosing everything individually.

A school prom is the perfect event to celebrate the good times you had during school, spend an evening with your best friends and for some also a goodbye to the place you have spent many years of your life. School is not just about education in terms of maths and English but also in life, as you will have grown up a lot during the time you were there. Of course the whole your whole class will be attending so making sure you look great is a must, but is this difficult to achieve on a budget?

Of course you should always set yourself a spending limit when buying an outfit. Whether you are buying it yourself or your parents will be contributing, you should set a price band and stick to it. There is so much choice available online and down the high street that so called “cheaper outfits” can often look better than those who have spent a fortune on something they will wear perhaps once.

The first thing to choose will of course be the dress. So many questions to answer like what colour? What length? Something fitted or something flowing? I chose a short strapless red dress for my prom and loved it; red is also a great colour for when choosing accessories as it goes with both gold and silver giving you more choice. You should try to pick a dress colour that will compliment your skin tone, hair colour and eyes.

Once you have found that perfect dress, it is time to find accessories! Shoes, jewellery and a bag are all necessary to complete the perfect prom outfit. Make sure that the shoes are going to be comfortable to dance in, opt for a smaller heel if you don’t feel confident in a pair that are really high. You could also purchase them well in advance to give yourself some time to practice walking in them at home! A clutch is a great option to easily carry about so you have your essentials with you like your make up and phone.

polyvore prom

Jewellery is like the icing on the cake to an outfit. Make sure to not go overboard and choose earrings, a bracelet and a necklace, maybe just opt for two depending on the style of your dress. If it is quite simple you could jazz it up with some gorgeous Jon Richard
Swarovski elements jewellery and if it is quite bold then pick something plain that just adds that finishing touch. These don’t have to cost a lot and with the twinkling gems it will look more expensive than it actually is!

Once you have chosen everything you could then have a test run of how your hair and make up will look so you can feel confident you will look amazing on the night. When it finally arrives you are sure to look amazing and have not broken the bank doing so!

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This is a guest post written by Jon Richard

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