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3Strands – Bracelets Homemade By Young Women Rescued From Sexual Slavery


These three words are the foundation of 3Strands Global, a fashion brand created in 2012 working to fight human trafficking around the world. With the sale of every 3Strands handmade bracelet and gift box, money is raised to help empower, teach and employ young women who have been rescued from the evils of human trafficking.  Profits from 3Strands helps to support organizations like Agape International Mission (AIM), based in Cambodia, that help to rescue and restore these young victims.

“When I first learned about the lives of sexual slavery these women were facing each and every day, I was moved to do something to make a difference,” said Ken Petersen, founder of 3Strands and owner of the Apricot Lane Boutique franchise. “My eyes had been opened to an evil that I thought was only a third world problem but I have since learned it exists in every major city in the United States and effects young women and children as young as four years old. In fact, according to the FBI – Sacramento, where our headquarters is near, is the 4th worst City in the U.S. for sex trafficking.”

The 3Strands group was determined to find a symbolic reference to represent these young women and their country of Cambodia.  The discovery of seeds from the native Sandalwood tree were literally underfoot.  From this litter of dry, colorless pods, the women select a fragile red seed to include in each bracelet they make.  The natural beauty of this glossy, scarlet seed represents the beauty in each of the women who have been freed and empowered with a hope for the future. Each 3Strands bracelet proudly carries with it a reminder of the inner beauty of its creator along with their personal signature.

DSC_0336 DSC_0331

The Agape Training Center (ATC) is where these bracelets are created.  This small jewelry and apparel training center is unlike any other in the world. Instead of a factory life working 12 hour shifts in horrible working conditions, the women attend ATC for 8 hours each day. During that time they receive counseling and educational services as well as lunch and medical benefits. Their salaries are 3–4 times higher than what the typical garment factories located in Cambodia pay. This community, where rehabilitation meets vocation, is built upon respect and compassion for one another in a family environment.

DSC_0312While AIM manages the Training Center and creates the unique, handmade jewelry and apparel designs, 3Strands purchases the products from ATC to market and distribute the products across the country through Apricot Lane Boutiques, In addition, the bracelets are sold via e-commerce ( where regularly 50% of profits from sales help to fund Agape International Mission. The higher the demand for the bracelets, the more young women AIM and 3Strands can provide sustainable jobs.  It is their combined goal to open Training Centers around the world where rescued young women can come and rediscover the beauty within them by creating these bracelets!

For more information visit or visit an Apricot Lane store near you to purchase a 3Strands bracelets.  Make a difference in the life of children and young women around the world just by buying a bracelet.

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