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It’s All About Balance: A 30-Second Style Tip

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 7.20.16 PMNext time you’re getting dressed, keep this simple style tip in mind: the more time you spend getting dressed, the less you should fuss over your hair. On the contrary, the more casual the outfit, the more time you should spend on your hair. It’s all about balance. Some easy hair styles could include: A messy bun, a quick ponytail, or a side braid. With a simple jeans and t-shirt, try adding pretty braids throughout your bun (and make the bun neater than a messy one would be), wrap a few strands of hair around your elastic after you’ve put your hair in a ponytail to create the illusion of your hair as the ponytail holder, or straighten/curl your hair to perfection  and leave it down.

I try to do this as often as possible. When I’m feeling like really dressing up for school, a quick messy bun makes it look like I’m not trying too hard. But, by taking my time on my hair, when I’m just wearing my basics, it gives off the vibe that I didn’t completely give up on looking half-way decent. You can apply the same concept to your makeup.

With every rule, there is an exception. If you’re wearing a gown, for prom or something of the like, you want your hair to look just as nice as the dress you’re donning. It’s the same with a wedding, or anything where you feel the need to go all out. Personally, the only time I’ll be “bumming” it, is if I’m just staying around the house all day. In this case, I could care less about what my hair looks like!

What do you think of this style tip? Will you be trying it?

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