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Winter 2012/2013 Fashion Tips From a 4-Year-Old Movie

“I figured we made a good match. I was adept at fashion; he was adept at politics. And really, what’s the difference? They’re both about recycling shop-worn ideas and making them seem fresh and inspiring.” ~Carrie Bradshaw

I watched Sex and The City (Movie #1) over the weekend.  Oh, how I wish they stopped at the first film!  With such classic fashion statements and epic relationship lines, it’s easy to gain life advice no matter what year you are watching.  I was, however, still surprised to see some outfits that struck a chord with what I plan on donning this winter season.

Fashion Tip #1: Socks, socks, socks
Source: Courtesy of
Omg. I love this look for a variety of reasons.  The pop of yellow color against all neutral pieces.  The thigh high socks.  The leather gloves!
I’ll definitely be incorporating some socks into my winter look.  Those of you in more frigid conditions do not fret!  Pair some thigh highs with black stockings or just turn those socks into entire leggings.
Source: pinterest source:
Where You Can Buy: Urban Outfitters – Socks
Where You Can Buy:  Sammy Dress – Leggings

Fashion Tip #2: Leather It Up
Um, did I mention that I love those leather gloves that SJP is wearing?  Can we get a closer look?  Of course…
Source: Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema. © New Line Cinema
Gorgeous, and complemented by the leather Prada bag, nonetheless.  This leads us to our second tip for Winter 2012/2013 Fashion… leather!  Rumor has it that the latest fall fashion is not scared of a couple of flurries.  For a smooth transition, I suggest picking up some leather pieces in a midnight black color.
Source: pinterest Source: pinterest
Where to Buy: (Faux) Leather Pants – Macy’s
Where to Buy: Leather Pants – Zara 

Fashion Tip #3. Pop the Color

Carrie’s stunning blue dress that she wore during the unveiling of her renovated apartment scene is quite the statement piece.  Although it’s probably not something that I will be ‘unveiling’ on myself during the snowflake season, I am inspired to incorporate color into my winter wardrobe.  I tend to dress myself in head to toe black during frigid temperatures so I’m excited to incorporate some statement color pieces, like the ones below, into my otherwise dreary pigment scheme.
Source: Source: pinterest
Where to Buy: Bright Skirt – Urban Outfitters
Where to Buy: Red Pea Coat – Michael Kors

I was very excited to watch the movie and find inspiration for the newest season of fashion!  What are you wearing this winter?

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 9.44.23 PM*Caitlin lives in the Washington D.C. area and maintains part-time passions for blogging and looking fabulous.  She stays abreast of modern fashion, but you can often find her in spandex and a baggy sweatshirt.  She most frequently writes about love, happiness and motivational topics.  You can visit her at


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