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9 New Ways To Change Up Your Beauty Routine

I wake up to get ready for another day of school. After I’ve picked out what I’m going to wear, I head to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. My brown eyeliner, mascara, and rosy pink lipstick are my go-tos. I apply those in under 5 minutes. Next, I look to my hair. If it’s looking particularly good that day, I’ll wear it down. If it’s not so hot, I’ll throw it in a messy bun. My beauty routine is pretty monotonous. Every now and then, I’ll switch up my lipstick color, but other than that I keep it the same.

Is this you? Do you feel like you’re in a rut? The fall/winter ’12 runways are a great source for inspiration! Keep reading to learn some of the newest ways to update your routine this season.

Jil Sander

Anna Sui

Jil Sander: To get this look, first curl lashes and redraw bleached brows when needed. Lastly, choose a “soft, rose-petal” pink lipstick to be the center of attention.

Anna Sui:  For a more daring look, outline the shape of your eyeliner and fill them in blue. Next, add blue eyeshadow and keep your lip nude. You can be as subtle, or as outrageous as you want with this.

Burberry Prorsum: This look is characterized by “Perfect dewy skin, sepia-toned lids, a nude-rose mouth, and some well-placed highlighted contours.”

Burberry Prorsum

Stella McCartney

And again with the cobalt blue, this time on your lashes! This look is best when you clump your lashes together for a “spidery” feel.

Rag & Bone

For a messy, yet chic updo like this one, all you need is day-old hair, bobby pins and butterfly clips, and hair spray. Begin by twisting your bangs back away from your face and pinning that down. Create as many more of these twists as you would like pinning them back each time. With the leftover hair, create a messy bun. Be sure to leave some wisps of hair out to keep it looking effortless. Spray all over.


(Left): Start by creating a french braid on one side of your head. Once you get to the end, use that piece and two others, to start braiding the rest of your hair down (make sure you’re bringing it all to the opposite side your french braid is on). Lastly, coil the broad to create a bun.

(Right): If your hair is naturally at this length, create soft waves with a flat iron and do a deep side part. If your hair is long, create a faux bob after you’ve added the waves by underpinning it at the nape of your neck. Either way, make sure to add a glamorous piece of hair jewelry!



(Left): Try this new twist on a french manicure. Start with your base coat, and then two coats of a sheer cream color. Lastly, paint your tips black. Apply a top coat.

(Right): Oxblood is a great color for nails this fall/winter. My favorite is Essie’s “Bordeaux.”

Jenny Packham

It’s okay to have a beauty routine that works for you, but every now and then. why not try a new look?


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