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Falling For Fashion: The Lookbook

Layer a collared shirt under a sweater for polish, and add a print on bottom to keep things fresh.

I’m falling for fashion this season because there are endless possibilities for what to wear. The great thing about having so many choices, is you can wear them all at once! This time of year, it’s okay to wear a denim button down, sweater, and vest all at the same time. In fact, it’s beneficial to layer up since the weather is so cool. The tricky part is how to layer. You never want to look too bulky or hide your shape… Here’s how my friends and I dress for fall.

watch the video version or keep reading:

Do: Bright colored sweaters for a pop of color. Add accessories of your choice, whether it be your delicate jewelry or a cozy scarf. Don’t forget your favorite fall boots!

Dont: Be afraid to play with proportion. Try a long cardi over a cropped leather jacket

What are your favorite ways to dress for fall? How do you stay warm without sacrificing style? Let us know in the comments below.

Special thanks to my friends Meredith and Linee for modeling for me 🙂


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  2. Your pictures almost look like it belongs in a catalog! I love fall trends as well, too bad it already started snowing here 😦

    • Niyah says

      what a compliment! thank you 🙂 snow already? I’m so not ready for that…

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