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Style Tip #1: “Dress From Small to Big”

When you get ready in the morning, what is it that you put on first? In other words, how do you create an outfit? For me, I usually start with the bottoms I’m going to wear, choose a top to go with it, the shoes and then the jewelry and accessories. Do you do the same thing? In Llyod Boston’s “Before You Put That On,” he suggests “flipping the script.”

“Start with the littlest detail and build up to the big pieces for an unexpected look.” Genius. I’ve never thought to completely change the order of how I put my looks together; and I strongly encourage everyone to do so.

Most of us have a pair of earrings that we reach for without even thinking about it, or even a go-to scarf that you borrowed from your mom. Whatever your special piece of jewelry or accessory is, start with that first and build an outfit around it! Let your small item speak for you and tell you which pants and what top it would be best paired with.

For example start with this adorable mustache watch. The watch is whimsical, fun, and casual so one way you could wear it is with a feminine sheer blouse, and watermelon colored trousers for an equally bold look. Last, tie in a pair of shoes that coherently work with the watch– black and gold studded loafers would do the trick! In the end, you get a look totally different look than what you would’ve if you started with the trousers…

So what do you think? Is this something you would try for your next outfit choice?


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