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Style Star: Meet Teodora

  • Describe your style: My style always reflects my mood, what I feel and what I want to transmit at a certain moment. I would describe it as chic and feminine.
  • What’s the #1 reaction others have about your style?: Well, most of the time, they give me  positive feedback and they ask for my fashion advice.
  • Last item of clothing you bought and for how much?: Red boots from Zara, 80 euro.
  • Dream Job?: Strange as it may sound: lawyer or fashion editor.

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?: Reading, hanging out with my friends, blogging.
  • Your fashion inspiration?: I don’t really search for inspiration, I take it from everywhere: from the past, books, magazines, fashion blogs, street style and travels. 
  • Something about yourself most people don’t know:  They’ll be surprised to find out that I like football and, for a short period, I had a blog where I used to write my opinion about different football games. 

  • What color do you own most of: Red.
  • Fav stores: Harrods.
  • One outfit you couldn’t live without?: Actually, there are some basic items: white YSL t-shirt, black pants, blazers and leather jacket.
  • Fav designer?:  I love high brands such as Givenchy, Balmain, Elisabetta Franchi, Celine and Alexander McQueen, but I also like Zara, Topshop and Massimo Dutti.
  • Fav fashion mag?: ELLE and Vogue.

  • Fashion mantra?: Less is more.
  • Any other info we should know?:  I started my blog two years ago. I used to take photos of my outfits before going out and to post them on Facebook. Then I discovered some fashion blogs, I really liked the idea of sharing my passion so I decided to make my own blog and here I am with!

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