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The Green Jute Bag

Keep reading, you may have the opportunity to win you very own Green Jute Bag!

Meet the Green Jute bag from BagInspiration,  a website dedicated to creating eco-friendly bags of all types. All of their products are made from recyclable or environmentally friendly materials such as candy wrappers, mosquito netting, seatbelts, and in this case– jute plant (definition below).

“Jute is a 100% bio-degradable plant fiber.  It is very strong, durable and is a great eco-friendly alternative for a variety of life-style products.  Jute plant grows abundantly in parts of Asia including India, Bangladesh.” This small cross-body bag is indeed durable and strong. The fact that it is so small, allows me to only fit my necessities in it, keeping my load light; and I’m guaranteed that what I am putting in the bag is going to stay safe and protected. In general I find that my non-neutral bags go with a lot more than I would think! This particular one is purple (my favorite color) and adds just the right splash of color my outfit may need. This “Green Jute” bag also comes in red, green and black.

This bag retails for $38

For more information on this bag click hereDo you like this bag as much as I do and want to enter a giveaway contest for it? Vote below to give me an idea as to whether or not I should host a giveaway! You’ll be receiving your own personal “Green Jute” bag and may have the option to choose a different color.

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