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Style Star: Meet Steven

Meet Steven Onoja, age 23 from New York…

Describe your style: If I had to describe my personal style; classic, bold and masculine are the three words I’d choose.

What’s the #1 reaction others have about your style? Weird

Last item of clothing you bought and for how much? I can’t remember because everyday is a shopping hunt for me.

Dream Job? Fashion Marketing

What do you like to do in your spare time? Draw

Your fashion inspiration? Ben E. King

What color do you own most of: Blue

Fav stores:  The local thrift stores usually top my list.  I really can’t remember the last time I stepped foot into the mall and purchased much; but when I do, I usually head to Topman, J,crew, and Urban Outfitters.

One outfit you couldn’t live without?
My hats. I really could not leave my house without them. Literally. 
Fav designer? Customellow
Fav fashion mag?
It’s a tie between GQ and Complex Magazine 
Fashion mantra? 
“We support brands that stand out due to their quality, authenticity, and support an individual style”- Alibi   

Any other info we should know?
 I have my own men’s fashion blog. You can find more of me here:


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