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Style Star: Meet Whitney

Meet Whitney Pagano, age 23 from  Havelock, NC…

Describe your style: I don’t like to put my style in a box, but others have described me as having a grungy, Free People-ish type of look. If that makes sense at all!
What’s the #1 reaction others have about your style?
Because I live in a small town, most reactions that I get are ones of shock or curiosity. I don’t mind.
Last item of clothing you bought and for how much?
Thrifted Chuck Taylors for $4.39.
Dream Job? My dream job would be to become a professional blogger-getting paid to take pics of my style and write my thoughts or an editor for a fashion magazine.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I read my favorite blogs, draw, and write.
Your fashion inspiration?
Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, and I also get inspiration from a few bloggers and tumblrs that I follow. And, oh, Pinterest, too!

Something about yourself most people don’t know:
I’ve written a manuscript and am afraid of sending it out for publication for fear of rejection.
Fav fashion mag?
Rookie mag… 
Fashion mantra?
I don’t have an official mantra, but I guess I can say one truth I live by when it comes to fashion is: Just be you and dress how you want to dress!


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