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How to Style a Maxi Skirt 5 Different Ways

Every once in a while, comes a fashion trend that intimidates me or takes me awhile to embrace. This season, it’s the maxi skirt! If you always feared of looking like a homeless person instead of a boho goddess like Nicole Richie or were under the impression that a maxi skirt can only be worn into a bohemian outfit, think again…

There are many different ways to style your maxi skirts! Enjoy fab ladies!

Way #1: Classic

how to wear striped maxi skirt How to wear a maxi skirt

For the classy ladies out there with a soft spot for chic and minimalistic go for a simple top with a monochromatic or a striped skirt like the one pictured here. Add a sexy twist with a slit and high heels which compliment each and every figure.

Way #2: Sophisticated Boho

how to wear high waist maxi skirt How to wear a maxi skirthow to wear maxi skirt flowy top How to wear a maxi skirt

For the ones who want to embrace their boho side but with a chic twist, try matching your skirts color to your top’s one or a belt. Little boho details like the paisley pattern, the cropped top and the vest-y white top add that necessary care-free touch without taking off the chic vibe of these outfits.

Way #3: Casual

If you want to get that boho relaxed look and look like Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens, simply pair a printed skirt with lots of jewels (long earrings, bracelets, rings etc) and a cropped top or a simple tee. Don’t go over the top with the top half of your body, keep it relaxed and fun.

Way #4: Rocker

And what if you are a rock chick like myself? Then simply go for a solid color, a leather jacket (unless it’s hot outside) and lots of rock accessories such as bracelets, rings, smokey eyes and eye pencil.

Way #5: Glam it Up!

Last but not least for the ones that want to glam up their maxi skirts, an embellished or sequined top, some high heels and metallic details keep your inner diva alive.

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How will you be rocking your maxi skirt?


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