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Brianna Fano

Are you a jewelry devotee? If yes, then you should keep your eyes on jewelry designer, Brianna Fano from now on. Brianna is a jewelry designer based in NYC. Brianna actually started making jewelry with her mother when she was kid, from then she decided to pursue her calling in the fashion industry by attending Parsons and graduated in 2010.

When studying in Parson’s, Brianna’s focus point was on Prêt-à-Porter and when she was in her senior year she included accessories as one of her substantial component to support her thesis. The collection was very intriguing and attracted a local Lucite fabricator to make a collaboration with her. She then decided to design a collection with Lucite as the essential of the collection inspired by a children’s book, “Animalia“. The result was a bold, elegant and modern collection of jewelry.

Brianna successfully manipulated Lucite into beautiful artwork. For this collection, she took a visit to a cave and felt completely surprised by how the beauty of a cave slowly faded away by outside forces, like the tourists. Then she channeled her disappointment through her work with Lucite, chain, rope and other hardware. She’s intelligently creating a fragile and delicate jewelry collection by soften the Lucite and incorporating it with other elements together in a very balanced proportion. She took Lucite into a more interesting and beautiful way. She clearly knows how to made strong color and transparency of Lucite into a beautiful and show-stopping statement piece.

For her next goal, Brianna plans to expand her collection throughout the United States, and I’m sure when everybody sees her masterworks, they will easily fall in love with them just like me.

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