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Logo Design Contest

Logo Design Contest
Calling All Artists and Illustrators!

I am looking for someone to do a custom illustration to be apart of a new
logo I am doing for my blog, Inexpensive Chic
is a fashion blog I started last summer that shows young women how to
“look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.” It’s been
about 11 months now since I’ve started this blog, and it has surpassed my
expectations with how well received it has been. The blog has readers not
only in the U.S. but all over the world; and it is continuing to grow

I want to take it to the next level–and that’s where
you come in!

My goal is to create a more visually appealing logo/header/banner for
Inexpensive Chic. I would love to have a fashion illustration along the lines
of the niche of the blog:

  • Dress For Less
  • Shopping

One example of this would be a fashionable looking girl
holding shopping bags that say “SALE” on them. Although, feel free to
offer your own suggestions, I am open to new ideas.

So, are you interested? Is this something you think you would like to try?
The winning illustration will be used as the blog’s new logo. The artist
will be rewarded with a feature on the blog, showcasing their most prized
artwork, as well as a $10 i-tunes giftcard!

If this is something you’d be willing to do, please email me at
and I will be glad to send you further details of what I am looking for. Thank
you so much in advance 🙂

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