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Your Eyebrows Need Some Love Too!

Have you ever stared into the mirror only to discover something you usually never notice? Those two little strips of hair directly above your eyes? Yup, eyebrows. We’ve all got them, but in the rush of our busy lives, eyebrows are easy to neglect and forget.

Although eyebrows seem like they don’t do much, they actually frame your entire face. A pair of tidy, strong brows can change your entire look. If your brows have never been shaped before, it would probably be a good idea to get them waxed or threaded at a salon. If you’re more daring, you can buy an eyebrow stencil kit, and use tweezers to clean up your brows. This stencil kit from e.l.f. has four basic looks to choose from. Experimenting with different eyebrow shapes can help you decide what looks best on your face.

Tip: A thicker, fuller, brow shape will make you look fresh and energetic. Avoid over plucked, or extremely thin shapes as these can make you look harsh.

e.l.f. Eyebrow stencil, retails for $1 at

After you’ve got the perfect shape, its important to keep them groomed. Plucking away stray hairs once in a while will keep your brows tidy, and filling in sparse areas with brow powder, or an eyebrow pencil will make your eyebrows stand out. Remember when filling your brows to use a color lighter than your hair color if you have dark hair, and darker than your hair color if you have light hair. A brow brush, like this one from Ecotools, will also help you keep your hairs in place throughout the day.

This Ecotools brow and lash groomer retails for about $4 at most drugstores.

So next time you find yourself with five extra minutes in the morning, don’t forget to give your eyebrows some love too!

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