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Summer’s Most Popular Nail Polish Shades According to the University of Oxford

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a huge fan of nail polishes and I can’t stop drooling over each and every color I lay my eyes on, however not all colors are appropriate for summer. Summer’s most popular shades seem to be divided into two color categories:  orange/fuchsia hues and blue/green hues.

Le Metier de Beaute Limited-Edition Nail Lacquer, Yield to YellowOPI Nail Polish PinkDior 'Vernis' Nail Lacquer Purple Revolution 906 One Size

According to research made by the University of Oxford (yes they actually care about nail polishes!) the most popular red/fuchsia hues are the ones shown here: mulberry pink, salmon and tangerine orange. Also according to the University of Oxford each of these colors represents a feeling.

  • Mulberry Pink= Happiness
  • Salmon= Romance
  • Tangerine= Energy.


Butter London Spring 2012 Collection - Limited EditionDeborah Lippmann Mermaid'S Dream Nail PolishNARS 'Thakoon' Nail Polish

Turquoise, blue-green and mint were picked by 1,900 women and girls of 20 to 30 years old with mint getting the first place by 987 votes. Each of these colors also represents a feeling:

  • Mint= Calm
  • Turquoise= Energy
  • Blue-Green= Dreamy

Who knew that our nail polish shades can represent a particular feeling?

But what’s the shade of nail polish the majority of the women picked?? Red? Pink? Think again!

2,100 women picked orange as their fave color for summer marking it as the most popular color of the 21st century; It’s been picked by women for more than 4 years.

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