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Human Potential Spring Summer 2012

It was Dowon Kim (DO) & Yk Kim (YK) exceptional-cool label Human Potential that got me thinking how androgynous pieces can make someone look cool in either gender. It was a rare situation when it comes to a collection that will work for both. If it was not too feminine for the boys, then it would be too masculine for the girls; Human Potential triumphantly break my expectation to that issue. Graduated from Parsons, YK carried an extraordinary vision of New York to build an innovative fashion brand when she decided to return to Seoul. Until one day she met DO who shared the same vision and decided to join forces in 2008 under the label, Human Potential.

Human Potential based in Seoul, South Korea signed a licensing agreement with Flux Apparel Inc to manufacture and distribute their masterwork in the U.S. in 2011. With vast interest from both consumers and artists from UK, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil and Singapore, Human Potential is set to  spread the crazy Human Potential virus to larger market in the coming decade. A smart step to face the global fashion scenario.

For Spring Summer 2012, the collection entitled “FISH OUT OF WATER “ a deep thought of the designers on how they perceive life meaning. “When a fish is out of water, Its life will depend on water drops its received, but it will ultimately die. Just like us human beings” said YK to emphasize Human Potential’s Spring collection. The duo interpreted the rock -n- roll aesthetic by adding digital print element into the everyday wear as their trademark. For instance, the printed leather biker vest and the rayon long-sleeved tees were illustrious representations of how the duo translated their love of books into an inspiration.

There’s something a bit spaceship-invasion feeling in its dark patterns: the printed tees paired with wrap skirts, provided a darker side in simplicity shape compared to their Spring outing–but somehow you’ll love the coolness vibe on every piece. With many Korean celebrities wearing Human Potential pieces on the stage and even in their real life–it was a breakthrough moment of a label who struggled in a city where fashion is one of the big aspects of life and also a fresh infuse to the global fashion scene from Eastern talents. All in all, Human Potential proved their potentials.

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