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Meet the New Team of Contributing Writers!

"I am a huge reader, and am absolutely passionate about writing. I also really like painting and drawing, but am not the best artist. I'd really like to become a doctor someday, especially a dermatologist because I have an obsession with skin care. I think eating, baking, writing, reading, fashion and friends pretty much constitute my life!"

  • Favorite Designer? Vera Wang! Always has been, always will be.
  • Favorite Model? Chanel Iman… I love her fresh, bubbly sense of style and she feels like a relatable person!
  • Favorite Trend of the Moment? Having a love affair with hi-low hems! I am in search for the perfect hi-low maxi skirt.

"I am a crafter galore and coffee addict. I have boxes and boxes of glitter, fabric, pom-pom balls, tulle, studs, glue, ect to turn everything I own into a homemade craft. I love to make ordinary things extraordinary. I am a Starbuck's addict and all of my friends know it is the easiest way to bribe me! My drink of choice is a coffee light frappacino and I have it at least one a day.
My goals in life are to have a blog that reaches as many people as I can and hopefully I can inspire and change lives. I want to live in NYC or San Francisco, California working for a fashion house or major retailer like Neiman's. I would also like to open a boutique where I would sell my clothes and similar designers. If I could work with any designer I would love to work with The Blonds, Karl Lagerfeld, Betsey Johnson, Gaultier, Kantranzou, and those are just a few off the top of my head!
Lastly I love music! My boyfriend is a musician!"

  • Fashion Icons? They range from Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn; the Olsen twins to Vanessa Hudgens.
  • Trends You’re Loving Right Now? Chiffon and bright colors! Pastel jeans, studded clothing items, leopard…
  • When Did Your Love for Fashion Begin? I just remember I’ve always loved fashion ever since I was little. It’s always been everything I’ve ever wanted. My passion for the fashion world lies within my life-long desire to stand out and be an individual.  I believe that fashion is the perfect way to express who you are.  It is like wearing art 24/7, you can be whoever you want when you dress up!

"My dream in life is to work in fashion, either in Buying or Journalism. I'd love to become a successful professional fashion blogger and freelance journalist where no two days are the same, and I can be involved in a multitude of projects!
I studied English at University, so I've always had a passion for writing and reading- I could sit, research and write for hours about anything in fashion that appeals to me or inspires me at the time. That's what makes me tick, and it's why I got into Blogging in the first place.
I love anything creative or design related, and anything where there's a chance for me to exercise my love of adventure and exploration. I enjoy playing the violin and piano, reading, food, travel, playing tennis, and Blogging of course! What makes me special is that I have a genuine love for clothes, fashion and shopping- I live, eat and breathe this world! "

  •  Fashion Icons? Those who combine classic style with an individual flare for accessorizing. I reference a mix of modern style icons such as Olivia Palermo, with a ‘models-off-duty’ style in my everyday look, but tend to eschew colour in favour of blacks and muted tones in order to create a bolder statement. I mostly admire the style of fashion editors, particularly Carine Roitfeld, Geraldine Saglio, Giovanna Battaglia, and Christine Centenera. My historical fashion references include the gamine Jane Birkin, a 1920s Coco Chanel, and Jean Seberg. I love Parisian ‘Left-bank’ chic!
  • Favorite Spring Trend? My favourite trend at the moment is statement, printed trousers. I love the wide variety currently available- from coloured skinny denim and subtle leopard-print, to navajo-print silk trousers, in structured or fluid designs. They’re perfect for adding an elegant pop to your outfit, and work so well with a tailored top.
  • When Did Your Passion For Fashion/Beauty Begin? My passion for fashion and beauty arose with my discovery of Vogue- I began to religiously collect each issue since December 2004! I’m a very visual person and revel in the beauty of Editorial images, and so it was this which first inspired me to translate what I saw onto my own personal look. In terms of beauty, I’ve always loved experimenting with new products and techniques- it’s just something I utterly enjoy. Who doesn’t want to look their best and most preened? Plus it helps that I’m a girly girl! Unlike my style, my beauty look is the only thing I consistently play around with- one day I’ll feel like red-lips and a messy side-plait, whilst on another day I might experiment with dramatic eyes. Today? I’m into Brigitte Bardot/Francoise Hardy- style bangs!

"I'm an opinionated person. I love to give my opinion especially when it comes to fashion (whether you asked me or not) although I don't have any major in fashion (hopefully I will have one soon) and thanks to technology I can share my opinion on my blog.
I love to pay attention in details and I'm always curious about designer's inspiration and how they translated it into their designs. Sometimes I wished I was paranormal so that I could read their minds. "

  • When did you realize your passion for fashion? I started to have sparkling feeling in fashion since I was 12 when I saw Valentino Fall collection in a magazine at a hair salon. It was an awkward and funny feeling and also addicting! Since then, whenever I found magazine or newspaper I always read the fashion column first (or perhaps I only read the fashion column).
  • What experiences have you had in fashion so far?
    I was the fashion stylist for my high school year book. I styled 4 class (about 150 students) by myself with different theme each class. I attended Jakarta Fashion Week (since 2010), Indonesia Fashion Week (2012), Melbourne Fashion Week (Fall 2010/2011), Men Fashion Week Asia (2011). I’m a freelance stylist and writer for Jak Magazine. It’s a free fashion and lifestyle magazine in Indonesia and I also do styling for several projects.
  • Dream job? Magazine editor!

"Since I work part-time (I am a sales advisor at H&M) and am a full-time student I tend to have a rather busy schedule . However, whenever I do have free time, I enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend, friends, and my family. I also really enjoy expressing my creative side by painting, drawing, and playing piano when I have time. I'm obsessed with Mad Men and every show on NBC's thursday night line up. I'm also a vegetarian and a huge animal lover. I treat my cat-like an equal part of my family and I love him to death. My main goals for the next few years are to get my college degree, get more involved in the fashion community, and eventually move to a larger city. "

  • Who are your fashion icons? My number one fashion icon has always been Audrey Hepburn. She exudes a type of effortless femininity that is absolutely beautiful. I also look up to Freja Beha Erichsen, Rooney Mara, and Rachel Bilson for style inspiration.
  • How would you describe your style? Overall, I’d say that I mostly admire classic style with an edge, but I’m open to just about anything. My closet consists of mainly blacks, grays, and stripes but I’m learning to branch out and incorporate some of the hottest spring trends into my wardrobe such as pastels, embellished collars, and print pants.
  • When did your love for fashion begin? I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember and it has always seemed like the most obvious way for me to express myself. My most earliest memories of fashion include making outfits for paper dolls, playing dress up, and creating my own fashion magazines. Now at 20 years old, I still enjoy fashion by staying up to date on current events in the industry, updating my fashion blog, working as a sales advisor at H&M, and studying fashion merchandising at Wayne State University.

"I think what makes me special is I can mostly do anything but sports. Yikes, I'm bad at things that involve balls. My talent is music, I can play guitar, sing , and play piano. I love reading and talking to friends in my free time. Goals? To make Pudding Monster better and grow to something beautiful."

  • Who are your fashion icons? My fashion icons are Anastasia Siantar, Michelle Koesnadi, and Alexa Chung. Those three have distinctive styles but I love them all. They’re so personal and unique.
  • Favorite trend right now? Pastel has to be my favorite trend right now, it’s so versatile and fun to mix and match!
  • When did your passion for fashion begins? I’ve had a strong passion for fashion since last year, I began to dress up a lot and try to find myself. Why? I think because it’s interesting and fun.The way you dress defines who you are.



So what do you think? Doesn’t this look like a good crop of writers! After several emails back and forth, mock assignments, and eliminations I finally came down to these 6 fabulous people. I cannot wait for you all to read what they have to say, and get to know them even more through their posts…

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Fashion Blogger, Model, Fashion Design Student, Aspiring Stylist.

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