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Style Star: Meet Ching Yun

Meet Ching-Yun, “23 years young” from San Diego/O.C./L.A., CA…
Describe your style: I think my style can be summed up with the words ‘whimsical’ and ‘feminine.’ I love to wear dresses, heels, bows, ribbon, and anything that sparkles. Plus, I adore playful animal prints & jewelry, Hello Kitty, and unique, unexpected details.
Last item of clothing you bought and for how much? I bought a snakeskin blouse from H&M (featured in my latest post) for only $9.95!
Dream Job? My imaginary dream job would be either CEO of Sanrio, a fashion buyer for a department store, or a host on the television show, What Not to Wear. My more realistic dream job would be a public interest attorney.
Your fashion inspiration? I am inspired by the television show Gossip Girl, my girlfriends and the fashion community here on blogspot! I don’t watch fashion shows or follow trends in magazines. I mostly wear what I think looks good, regardless of whether it is “in” this season or not. If I am on trend, then it’s always by coincidence. If I like something and the price is right, I buy it, even if I haven’t seen anyone else around me wear it. I usually wear what I like without much hesitation as to what others will think. Also, I’m never up-to-date when it comes to this season’s hottest styles or colors!
Something about yourself most people don’t know: I joined my office’s Biggest Loser challenge in January and not only have I lost a few pounds, but I’ve become a lot more health-conscious. I’ve been reaching a lot of personal milestones, such as running 16 miles in one week and not having chocolate for a month and a half! I’m really proud of myself and I hope that I can continue this lifestyle for longer than the duration of the competition.
What color do you own most of: Black, black, and more black! I used to have a very colorful wardrobe pre-2008 but then I studied and lived abroad in Paris, France for a semester and then everything changed. I started with one or two black pieces in an attempt to “fit in” with fellow Parisian girls, but somehow the mentality never left me! When I came back home to California, I began to be drawn towards everything and anything black.  It’s something that I try to get away from now! I’m hoping that this spring will break my habit once and for all!
Fav stores: If I were living in a dream world with no budget restrictions, I’d say Henri Bendel, Barney’s New York, Zara, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus. Back to reality, though, I’d pick DSW, Sanrio, Zara, Nordstrom Rack, Foreign Exchange, Shiekh Shoes, Forever 21, assorted local fashion boutiques, thrift stores, and online shopping sites.
One outfit you couldn’t live without? I could not live without a V-neck tee, black blazer, faux fur collar, my pair of perfectly fitting skinny jeans paired with my black wedge pumps, and the following accessories: my silver braided ring & rose gold watch (from my boyfriend), a Tiffany’s key pendant & sapphire ring (from my dad), and of course, a black Ouchless hair tie! I don’t even know what to pick for my purse! There are so many that I love and it’s too hard to just choose one, so I refuse!
Fav designer? CHANEL CHANEL CHANEL! Elegant, classy, chic, and timeless! My other favorite designer brands are: BCBG Max Azria, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Burberry, and Judith Leiber.
Fav fashion mag? This is an embarrassing one, because I really don’t read any! I guess if I had to choose, I’d go with InStyle magazine because not everything in there is high fashion and I feel like it is more practical.
Fashion mantra? Dress up as an expression of yourself, for yourself, and don’t ever let others dull your shine, no matter what.
What else should we know about you? I enjoy thrifting not only because I can usually find fabulous bargains and unique pieces, but also because I think that it is a more sustainable way to shop. Buying a gently loved item leaves a smaller carbon footprint than buying new, and since I always try to do my part to be environmentally responsible, I love thrift shops! Just one more thing to consider when you’re out shopping!
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  1. akismet-8d26e9f3c51fe0a57e6f66c8289a92b5 says

    I truly enjoy your style!! I would love to see you step out your box and try bold bright colors. You have great skin tone to venture out in bright vibrant colors. Give it a try!!

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