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My New Love: Retro Bathing Suits

Swimsuit season has arrived! Are you ready? I’ve been looking for the perfect bathing suit and I couldn’t help but come across a plethora of retro inspired ones; and I must admit I like what I see. What makes a bathing suit “retro” you might ask? Well, halter style swimsuits were popular in the 40’s (which is often associated with the retro style swimsuit, today). The bikini was first invented in 1946 by French engineer Louis Réard, but it wasn’t the dominated style choice until the 60’s. The 70’s were all about high-waisted bottoms (which, again, is what you’ll find in a lot of retro style swimsuits today). So, retro bathing suits originated from a combo of the 40’s and 70’s.

I like that they come in so many great patterns and styles though. You can find retro bathing suits in a one-piece or two piece, bandeau or bralette, plain high-waisted, or with a skirt–there’s something for every body shape!

Now, I am on the hunt to find one of these bad boys. I did find a cute one at forever21 for a decent price, but if any of you know any other places I can get an inexpensive one let me, know…

P.s. What style bathing suit are you looking for this season?



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  7. meghanalfano says

    I am also a huge fan!!! Currently on the look out for one myself.

    xx, Meghan

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