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The Hottest Colors For Spring 2012 (How to Wear Them + Include Them in Your Home)

First of all, I just want to say that I’ve been meaning to do this post since January! I am only just now getting around to finally doing it since it’s my Spring Break and I have some free time. Anyways, I am excited to have this published so you can get yourself situated just in time for Spring! The first picture above, shows all of Pantone’s Spring 2012 color trends. The picture right below it, shows the 6 colors I am most hyped about and how your favorite designers have used them in their Spring 2012 collections. If you haven’t heard already, “Tangerine Tango” is the color of the season! It’s popped up tremendously on the runways, red carpet and on the streets.

Below are some ideas for how to incorporate these 6 color trends into your spring wardrobe as well as your home! Enjoy. Happy Spring! 🙂

1. Tangerine Tango

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“April showers bring May flowers”, your go-to rainy weather coat should be in this color. Try the Forever21 Trench Hoodie. Tangerine looks amazing on nails too!


Refresh your kitchen by painting the island in this cheery tangerine. You won’t ever want to leave your kitchen. You can also update your bedroom with this color. All you need is a throw and a few pillows!

2. Cabaret

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Fun colored bags + neutral clothes=cool girl chic. I’d go for either a clutch, or cross body bag. Although the weather is getting warmer, you can still wear scarves. Just choose a lightweight cotton or silk one to give a pop of color.


This is a great color for a princess theme. Make it more grown-up by giving your office/desk space a splash of pink. You can also go more subtle with this color. Choose some home accessories and add them into a neutral space.

3. Driftwood

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Grey doesn’t have to be boring! Choose unique silhouettes like this hi-low maxi dress and drawstring trouser shorts. Pair with black accents to give it an edgy, downtown vibe.


Driftwood in your home can be super sophisticated, especially having your furniture in this color. It pairs really well with a mustard yellow, indigo and yellow green.

4. Solar Power

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I am in love with this leather studded bracelet. I’ve seen it on some of my favorite bloggers! It’s simple, but such a great statement piece, as well as perfect for stacking. Canvas shoes are easy to slip on, and oh-so comfy. I’d suggest getting a bright colored pair with to switch things up a bit.


If you really bold, try a chair in solar power yellow. Guests will naturally gravitate towards this space and you’re more likely to spark up some interesting conversations. I love the idea of painting the back wall of a bookshelf. It’s the perfect way to add color to your room, without it being  a huge commitment. Plus, it’s easy to do yourself!

                                                                5. Bellflower

Rafael Cennamo

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Purple is my favorite color, so I am glad it made it to Pantone’s list this season. I’ve been eying this tail hem skirt for a while now, and I am even more tempted to buy it since I know the color’s on trend.


My favorite kind of art if abstract, because there’s no one way to interpret it. To me, this painting depicts the emotions of a girl who just spent hours crying in her room. As an outlet to her pain she began completed this masterpiece. What this painting says to you could be totally different! Nevertheless, artwork is a cool way to give color to a space.


                                                                    6. Cockatoo

Tracy Reese

Click to view on site/buy 1.    2.    3.

This color is perfect for skinny jeans. Especially if you take the pastel route with it. I’d pair the ones above with a lavender tank top and a light pink cardi.


Both of these pictures show how you can use cockatoo to accent the main colors in a room. Personally, I like the drapes the best. I think they work well with the purple couch. You could also refresh your dining room with a new paint job.

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